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I’m a big amazon shopper, mostly because I can get something in the mail from Amazon Prime faster than I could waiting to carve out time in my week to run to Target or Costco. Amazon has become a hub for so many online shoppers and consumers looking to find beautiful yet practical pieces for their home. Since we moved into this new house I knew I wanted to be intentional about what I brought into the space and wanted to curate a cozy home to host our family and friends. I gathered my TOP TEN Cozy Home Finds here for easy reference for those of you looking to do the same!

*disclaimer, this post contains affiliate links. Meaning, my family will receive a small commission from purchases without any added cost to you. Thank you for your continued support!*

Top Ten Cozy Home Finds on Amazon

Cozy home amazon finds annacomer.com

Plug In Light Dimmers

Lesson one to creating a cozy, inviting, hygge home: dim lighting. Ditch the harsh overhead light for warm, soft, lamp light. And take it a step further by adding these light dimmers for an even cozier effect.

cozy home plug in light dimmers amazon

Cotton Muslin Throw Blanket

Nothing says cozy like a corner space on the couch with a throw blanket. These muslin blankets are my go-to. I have them in so many colors and love them. They aren’t too heavy or hot, and are easy to wash and toss over arm chairs, the living couch, or guest bed.

cozy home muslin cotton throw blanket

Essential Oil Diffuser

When we think cozy we think “candle light.” I love a good beeswax candle (keep scrolling for my favorites), but sadly most candles are loaded with synthetic fragrances that are harmful to the environment and our health- especially as women. Ditch the chemicals and toxins for pure essential oils and water vapor. I have been using diffusers for years and they are so cozy, and clean. It’s very important though to note: not all essential oils are pure or non-toxic. I only trust the brand Young Living and have been shopping their essential oils for 5+ years. They have the best bundles, discounts, and quality “non-tox” products around. You can shop them with my link here (I recommend starting with a starter bundle or the three basics: lavender, peppermint, and lemon).

ceramic diffuser cozy home decor amazon finds

Beeswax Taper Candles

Okay but for the cozy candle vibes, opt for 100% beeswax, fragrance free. These taper candles are perfect for that classic hygge vibe within your home.

amazon find cozy home beeswax taper candles

Candle Stick Holders

You’ll need candle stick holders as well and these are just too cute! I love them for simple table settings or to add cozy reading light on the coffee table or side table in the early mornings.

ceramic candle stick holders cozy home amazon finds

Cozy Waffle Knit Hand Towels

Coziness has a lot to do with textiles and textures and these waffle knit hand towels are cozy central! Matching towel sets elevate our main living spaces- like the kitchen and bathroom. We spend a lot of time in these places and we want both functional and beautiful tools to work with.

cotton waffle knit kitchen towels amazon finds

Plastic Bag Dispenser

You know what doesn’t say “cozy home?” LOOSE PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS. If it’s in your power to ditch single use plastic on your grocery runs this problem with shortly resolve itself but in the meantime these cloth dispensers are perfect for organizing under the sink or in your pantry. They conceal the plastic and mismatched colors.

cotton plastic bag dispenser amazon finds

Ceramic Flower Vases

Ceramics are key for creating a cozy home. Handmade is always the way to go and there are so many amazing and talented makers on Etsy that I looooove. I also shop the majority of my personal ceramics from my best friend’s shop here in Wilmington: Local Shade. But if you are looking for something like that on Amazon this vase is sooo pretty.

ceramic flower vase amazon

Catch All Dish

Never under estimate the power and practicality of a catch all dish. This wooden, hand carved bowl is perfect for an entry table or coffee table.

hand carved wooden bowl amazon find

Magazine/Book Holder

Lastly, when creating your cozy home, you must have a reading nook. I have a few pockets like this throughout our home and they are truly my favorite spots to curl up with a blanket and cup of tea to knit or read. Snag a magazine rack or book holder like this to stash next to your arm chair or recliner for easy access to your weekly reads.

cozy home reading nook magazine holder

And that’s a wrap! 10 cozy home finds from amazon to make your space a little cozier this season. I hope you found it helpful and inspired you to find joy in little things and spots throughout your home! see you in my next blog xoxo


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