4 Wellness Books For Hormone Health

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I’ve been on quite the health journey over the past two years, specifically in relation to my hormones. For years I thought it was normal to feel bad before my period. I thought it was normal to be an emotional wreck; to break out with acne; to cramp terribly the first day or so etc. But after some research I learned THIS IS NOT OKAY! I knew I wanted to take a more natural approach when it came to my hormones & health. I dove into learning & seeking out resources to figure out how to fix these issues I was facing. I discovered the Fertility Awareness Method as a natural form of birth control and set out to learn as much as I could about healing my body naturally. Here are the 4 wellness books for hormone health that changed my life:

wellness books for hormone health

BOOK ONE: Taking Charge Of Your Fertility

I like to say I’m “not anti-anything” when it comes to health and wellness but after the countless hours of research I’ve done seeking hormonal balance, I am confidently anti-hormonal birth control. There are so many (so so many) horrible side effects and hundreds of thousands of women with heartbreaking stories of their experiences. And when you really think about it, birth control pills and IUDs are the only type of meds that shut down entire organs and their vital functions in your body.

You might be wondering, “okay Anna but what do I use as a contraceptive?” Welcome to the Fertility Awareness Method. This is very different from the more popular or well known “Natural Family Planning” method. This book is essentially the “textbook” to teach you the method as well as valuable information on how the female body functions. I know it’s big, but it’s absolutely worth reading. Buy it here.

Taking charge of your fertility wellness book hormone health

BOOK TWO: Fertility, Cycles, And Nutrition

This is my favorite wellness read to date. I have learned so much valuable information about supplementing vitamins and minerals to fix issues or irregularities in my cycle. I can’t recommend it enough. Buy it here.

Fertility, Cycles, And Nutrition wellness book

BOOK THREE: Woman Code

Woman code is a great place to start if you are looking for a thorough explanation of a healthy and normal cycle. Or you are looking to improve your overall health as a woman. Snag it here.

woman code wellness book hormone health

BOOK FOUR: How To Heal Your Metabolism

This book isn’t necessarily hormone health specific but more so focuses on overall wellness. Your metabolism plays a huge role in your health and I found this book so helpful at the start of my pro-metobolic journey. Buy it here.

how to heal your metabolism wellness book hormone health

BONUS BOOK: Beyond The Pill

If you are currently on birth control and looking to get off of it, I can’t recommend this book enough. I’ve only read a few chapters as I’ve never been on birth control but this book is so thorough and offers an extensive plan to help you detox from synthetic hormones and nurture your reproductive systems post BC. Buy it here.

beyond the pill hormone health wellness book

I hope this post was helpful to you and makes it easier to find the resources you’re looking for. Hormone health can feel intimidating at times, but know that you’re not alone. There are so many women like you and me on this same journey together. These 4 wellness books have been such a gift to me and I pray they help you as well. I always update my storefront with links to my current reads and have all of my favorite wellness books linked here for you.

Be sure to follow along with my blog here for future posts and join my email list to know when posts go live as well as receive additional resources like these that I discover and find helpful! Thank you for being here!

xx -Anna

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