10 Bathroom Organization Must Haves

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Our bathrooms in our rental home have been one of the last spots I’ve gotten to in our house as far as organizing goes. But after months of digging through drawers looking for tweezers and searching under the sink for cotton balls, I finally got my act together and got organized! Listen, I’m not the queen of organization by any means but I have learned things along the way and think these items could help. These 10 items are my absolute Must Haves when it comes to keeping your bathroom straight and organized!

10 Must Have Items To Keep Your Bathroom Organized

Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids

Starting with these bamboo glass jars. You have no idea how handy these things are for storing all those little things like cotton balls, Q-tips, and makeup sponges. I will buy these over and over because you can never have too many jars.

3 Tier Bathroom Counter Top Organizer

3 Tier Bathroom Counter Top Organizer

This one is unique but it sits on top of of your counter which helps give you extra space on a small vanity and keeps all your daily use products in arms reach.

Clear Stacking Drawer Organizers

Clear Stacking Drawer Organizer

These are perfect for under the sink or in your linen closet. They hold so much and are a great way to store small things like nail polish and feminine products.

Clear Hair Tool Organizer

Clear Hair Tool Organizer

The hardest things to keep straight are hair tools- with all of the cords and bulky attachments it can be difficult to keep it all organized. This clear organizer has three separate sections for hot tools and a divided section for your hair care as well.

Makeup Brush Holder Bathroom Organization

Makeup Brush Holder

Store your makeup brushes, tooth brushes, or eyebrow pencils in this nifty clear organizer. Another great way to keep everything straight!

Clear Lazy Susan Bathroom Must Haves Organizer

Clear Lazy Susan

This is my favorite way to store all of my large bottles and products including my supplements. This is more than just a bathroom must have, but a home organization must have. I have several of these lazy susans under my sink, in our pantry, and in our linen closet.

Shelf Dividers Towel Organizer

Shelf Divider Towel Organizers

These are so helpful when you are looking to maximize your shelf space. I love these for my linen closet and they really come in handy for folded towels and bed linens.

Under The Sink Bathroom Organizer

Under The Sink Organizer

This sliding organizer is great for storing cleaning supplies, home back stock, medicine, supplements, etc.

Brown Label Tape For Bathroom Must Haves Organization

Brown Label Tape

This one is a little different, a “must haves” maybe not, BUT this tape is such a fun and minimal way to label containers and baskets. But be sure to use a permanent marker to write.

Matching Muslin Face Wash Cloths For Bathroom Must Haves

Pack Of Muslin Wash Cloths

So these technically aren’t “organization” BUT they make the world of a difference in simplifying your bathroom. This 10 pack of muslin wash clothes create cohesion and make for great face cloths. They are all the same size and can be rolled or folded and just look so pretty and “put-together.”

That’s all the items I find to be so helpful when looking to organize your home and bathroom. If you’re looking for more resources and ideas like these, check out my full amazon storefront here and know that when you shop my links I get a small commission kick back at no added cost to you, so THANK YOU for supporting me and our family.

In the coming months I plan to redesign our bathroom space and can’t wait to take you along, every step of the way as I make our rental feel like HOME. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, be sure to follow along with me here, on social media, and hop on my email list to know when new blog posts are live!

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